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When it comes to designing your company’s retirement plan our goal is simple; design a retirement plan that works. That means a plan or combination of plans that maximizes the opportunity for savings – for the business, the owners, key executives and the employees.

Total Solution Retirement Plan

Retirement plans can be complicated and confusing. Our Total Solution concept simplifies our clients’ lives because with Total Solution, MGO handles ALL facets of the retirement plan. With MGO you don’t have to work with multiple entities like a separate investment advisor, record keeper and third party administrator. There’s no practical reason to separate all these functions and then spend the extra time and money required to keep everyone on the same page. With MGO it’s clear where plan responsibilities lie, with us. To begin with, you’ll have only one number to call to manage all aspects of your retirement plan, from investment advisory to fiduciary concerns, from administrative functions to employee education.

But we go one step further. MGO also takes ownership of much of the plan’s administrative work. We monitor deposit of withholding, enroll your participants, administer 401(k) loans and handle distributions for terminated participants. By taking on the administrative work for you, you and your employees are free to focus on your business and not your retirement plan. MGO’s Total Solution services include:

Best of all, our Total Solution services are tailored to fit your needs. Annually, we’ll re-assess not only plan design but also your service mix, matching new or different levels of service and plan features to your current needs, challenges and opportunities.


3(38) Fiduciary

Simply put, retirement plan fiduciaries (which include plan sponsors) must insure plan assets are invested solely in the interest of participants. Sounds easy enough, right? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Being a fiduciary also involves exercising care over those investments with the skill and diligence of a prudent expert. You’re focused on running your business so having a partner you can rely on to be your expert is important.

Where other firms say they will share managing fiduciary duties with you, MGO becomes a 3(38) co-fiduciary to your plan. As such, we actively assist you in fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities regarding the plan and help you as the sponsor understand those obligations.

For your plan MGO will:

  • Act solely in the interests of plan participants
  • Oversee satisfying all 404(c) requirements
  • Draft and maintain your Investment Policy Statement
  • Implement our ‘Watch and Alert’ system to monitor plan investment options
  • Conduct an Annual Fiduciary Review to keep you in the know about your plan

Road to Retirement Managed Portfolios

Our Road to Retirement Managed Accounts program enables your plan participants to have their accounts actively managed by our investment advisors. The program is an optional service selected by the participant allowing them to engage MGO as their personal investment advisor for a nominal fee.

In the program, we provide advice on allocation mixes that match participants’ current situation and goals. We actively manage participant accounts, monitoring investments and the market, rebalancing and transferring funds as needed to keep portfolios in-line with their objective.

Signing up is easy. Participants begin by completing an investor profile that helps us match each participant to an appropriate portfolio – generally based upon time horizon and willingness/desire to accept risk. Once enrolled, we manage participants’ accounts to help optimize performance within the parameters set by their investment profiles. We stay engaged with participants along the way, regularly communicating account performance and any changes we make to accounts. Finally, we help participants assess when their investment strategy needs to change to remain in sync with their individual timeframes for saving for retirement.