Life is short.

Our job is to ensure your 401k isn’t short too.


You need a retirement plan that works. A plan that maximizes the opportunity for savings for your business, its owners, key executives and employees
More About MGO's Total Solutions Retirement Plans
We handle everything from employee education, through fiduciary liability protection,
investment selection and monitoring to Plan Design and Administration.
Our personal portfolio management program, designed to help owners and participants get maximize the growth and performance of their personal assets.
More About MGO's Road to Wealth
We conduct a thorough analysis of current assets and determine the best allocations and account registrations for your situation, so you can take best advantage of the market, tax law and maximize personal income.
MGO Signature helps you identify your goals – what you really want to accomplish in life – and develop and implement a financial plan to help you achieve those goals.
More About MGO Signature
Successful wealth management begins with a comprehensive understanding of your personal situation has its own set of nuances, challenges and successes.
We regularly work with CPAs, legal advisors, and other business professionals to help ensure their clients' wealth management plans are "in sync."
Wealth Management Consultation and Advanced Planning
We can help you and your clients create strategies for everything from charitable giving to wealth enhancement, asset protection, and transfer.

Announcing the first annual, Ohio CPA Retirement Survey

In conjunction with the Ohio Society of CPA’s, we’re asking Ohio CPA’s what’s important to their clients when it comes to retirement.

Check back in early 2019 for more information and helpful insights aimed at helping small business in Ohio make the most of retirement planning for businesses, owners and employees.

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