Plan Participants

Participation in your company’s retirement plan is a great way to prepare for your future. At MGO, it is our goal to be not just your 401k provider, but a partner as you embark upon your saving and investing journey.

Road to Retirement Managed Portfolios

Our Road to Retirement Managed Accounts program enables you to have your account actively managed by our investment advisors. The program is optional if you elect to participate, MGO will act as your investment advisor for a nominal fee.

In the program, we provide advice on the allocation mixes that best match your current situation and goals. We actively manage your account, monitoring investments and the market, rebalancing and transferring funds as needed to keep portfolios in-line with their objective.

Signing up is easy. Begin by completing an investor profile that helps us match you to an appropriate portfolio – generally based upon time horizon and your willingness/desire to accept risk. Once enrolled, we manage your account to help optimize performance within the parameters set by your investment profiles. We stay engaged with you along the way, regularly communicating account performance and any changes we make. Finally, we help you assess when your investment strategy needs to change to remain in sync with your timeframe for saving for retirement.

Asset Allocation Models

  • Speculative Growth Flex
  • Aggressive Flex
  • Moderate Aggressive Flex

  • Moderate Flex

  • Moderate Conservative Flex

  • Conservative Flex

  • Income Flex

Wondering which portfolio approach might work best for you?

MGO’s Road to Wealth

Our Road to Wealth program enables investors to have access to a wide variety of actively managed portfolios for all types of accounts, including IRA’s, trusts and other individual investment accounts. With Road to Wealth, you can easily establish IRA’s and other personal accounts to create a single, cohesive financial strategy.

Our goal with Road to Wealth is to offer access to portfolios of all risk types and configurations that you might find at a big name investment firm without your personal identity, goals and preferences getting lost along the way. In short, we’re striving to give you the best of all investment worlds, the options you need to reach your goals and strategy you understand that can take you there.

How Road to Wealth Works

MGO Investment Advisors conduct a thorough analysis of current assets and suggest allocations and account registrations for an individual to capitalize on the market, tax law and their own personal income needs. The analysis includes MGO recommendations and a plan to help achieve investment goals.

Fees & Expenses

The annual investment advisory fee for service typically begins at 1% of portfolio assets and declines as assets increase.* The program offers retail mutual funds without front or back loads. Each portfolio has a weighted underlying fund expense ratio generally ranging from 0.32% to 1.37%. Please be aware that when portfolios are rebalanced the potential exists for nominal short term trading fees imposed by the mutual funds. An annual minimum contract maintenance fee of $50 may apply.

Our Investment Methodology

Relying solely upon fundamental analysis does not give an accurate assessment of a portfolio. Technical analysis is a cornerstone of prudent investing. MGO Investment Advisors investment selections are based on:

Expense Ratio: Keeping the expenses of underlying funds in the portfolio within acceptable ranges of the appropriate benchmark.

Sharpe Ratio: Developed by Nobel Laureate William Sharpe, the Sharpe Ratio gauges whether a fund is generating an appropriate return based on the amount of risk that the fund has undertaken.

Information Ratio: Quantifies the value added or subtracted by a fund’s manager versus the appropriate benchmark.

Performance: The total underlying investment return over a group of historical periods.

Performance Consistency: Determining if long-term returns are consistent or skewed by one outstanding period of performance. Long-term return consistency without style drift (i.e. investing in stocks of asset classes other than the specific asset class for which the fund is intended) is the hallmark of a good investment.

Selection Returns: A fund manager’s performance relative to a benchmark.

A delicate blend of technical and fundamental analysis allows MGO to manage 401(k) accounts in a manner designed to capitalize upon current market trends while not exposing assets to excessive risks.

Technical Analysis

  1. Expense Ratio
  2. Sharpe Ratio
  3. Rolling Information Ratio
  4. Trailing Performance
  5. Performance Consistency
  6. Rolling Selection Return

Fundamental Analysis

  1. Interpretation of Technical Analysis
  2. Evaluation of Fund Managers
  3. Evaluation of External Market Environment (i.e. mutual fund investigation)
  4. Market Influence on Manager