Michael MoskalDirector of Investments

    Michael Moskal

    Director of Investments

    (216) 619-9808

    Michael leads the firm’s investment philosophy and is responsible for the performance of client portfolios. He authors MGO’s weekly e-newsletter, “Markets in a Nutshell,” keeping clients and their advisors abreast of financial world news, interpreting what’s happening and giving insight into coming trends.

    The late Sir John Templeton once commented that “the four most expensive words in the English language are ‘this time it’s different.’” Perhaps nowhere is the quote more appropriate than in finance and investing where it seems at the top and bottom of every market cycle, many investors get convinced that “this time is different” and make erroneous decisions with their investments. My job is to keep my clients emotionally stable with their investment portfolios and to help them make smart choices with their money.


    B.S.B.A., Finance, University of Akron

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    Michael and his wife, Jackie, have four children and reside in Concord, Ohio. He is an avid reader of economic and stock market history. He golfs, coaches youth football and baseball, and is an enthusiastic baseball card collector. When not coaching youth sports you may find Michael studying yoga or hiking and walking in the Metroparks.