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    If you are using a corporate terminal or a shared computer to apply for your loan, you may request our office forward information to your personal email address or mail information to your home address. Do not disclose your social security number. Only supply the information requested. *

    Loan Default Notice

    By taking a loan against your account balance, you are entering into a payroll deduction agreement to repay your loan. Should you terminate employment with an outstanding loan balance, your loan may be subject to default.

    Loan Application

    * There is a $100 fee for the loan note and amortization schedule. In addition, there is a $25 per year charge, (per the term of the loan). This will be automatically deducted from your account balance at the time your loan withdrawal occurs. Please indicate in the form above how you would prefer the promissory note and amortization schedule sent to you (email, fax, etc.). Promissory note must be signed and returned before the loan can be processed.

    Please Note:

    Your Loan Program may only permit loans for specific reasons. In these circumstances, additional documentation to take your loan may be requested.